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My top five places to eat in a college town

February 3, 2011


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Chipotle Mexican Grill is up there with the top places to eat in a college town. It’s usually in a convenient location and it’s pretty cheap as well. You can get a burrito or a bowl for about five dollars. If you’re in a hurry and you’re looking for somewhere cheap that will fill your appetite, Chipotle is the way to go.  A few years ago though, finding a Chipotle was just like finding good gas prices today.  You would hear about the good gas prices but could never find them. Now you can find a Chipotle in pretty much every city. It’s also not a bad place to take a date either.  Good food and it’s relatively cheap for two people.The only downfall is if you’re craving a late night hunger, Chipotle won’t be an option.

  • Pros: Cheap, convenience, good atmosphere
  • Cons: Not open late, no dollar menu, no delivery
Taco Bell

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Thinking outside the bun? Taco Bell is a great way to go. Taco Bell has a great value menu and it’s typically convenient for everyone to get to. The three items for two dollars meal deal is the best deal in the league. You typically can’t find a deal like that anymore. Taco Bell has been around for quiet sometime and has built credibility for a lot of its customers. They also do a good job with their advertisements using celebrities in their commercials.  I’m thinking that if somehow they could make a play land inside Taco Bell, I’m not sure I could ever leave. Taco Bell is open till around 2:30 a.m. so it’s a great cheap place to satisfy your fourth meal hunger .

Pros: Convenience, cheap, open late, drive-thru

Cons: No play land, no delivery

Jimmy Johns

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Jimmy John’s is another great place to grab a bite to eat if your not looking for a burger. Jimmy John’s has great deals on subs. Even though they may not have the five dollar foot long deal like Subway, they deliver. Any type of fast food restaurant other than pizza places that deliver, definitely gets bonus points in my book. The only problem with Jimmy John’s is there really aren’t many of them. Primarily (now this is just my opinion) I typically only see Jimmy John’s around college campuses. Which is a shame because I think it’s a great place to eat. Another good thing about Jimmy John’s is they’re open relatively late as well. Some of  the prices could be better but hey, what can you do right. Ordering online is also another thing that I like. Overall I would say Jimmy John’s is a great place to get something to eat late at night.

Pros: Delivery, order online, hours of operation

Cons: Convenience, prices, no drive-thru

Hungry Howies

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Hungry Howie’s might be the primary pizza provider of all college campuses. They always have great deals and know how to market their products. In Kent, Hungry Howie’s has this deal called beat the clock and the way it works is at 5 p.m. you can call  and at whatever time you call that’s how much the pizza is. So if I called at 5:09 p.m., I only pay $5.09 for the pizza. It’s a pretty cool deal.  The only problem is it’s pizza, so if I want something right away it will take a little longer. Hungry Howie’s is all over, so finding one isn’t that big of a problem either. So if you’re hungry late at night and thinking of a cheap pizza place, Hungry Howie’s is the route to take.

Pros: Deliver, open late, great deals, convenience

Cons: No drive-thru, not the fastest service


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So if you’re walking around and need someplace to go but everything is closed and you don’t have a car, Sheetz is the best place to go. Sheetz is open 24/7 which is probably their best quality. It may not be the best place to take a date but if you and your significant other are looking for something quick to eat, Sheetz is a great place. The only problem with Sheetz is when you order and after you get your ticket you have a little time to kill, your forced to stand their awkwardly looking at people you don’t know.   I think if they somehow installed some type of video game system that would be the icing on the cake for Sheetz. Sheetz is all over the place now. You can find one in any city. What is also nice is they have a place where you can sit down and eat, fill-up your tank and grab snacks for the road all in the same place.

Pros: Open 24/7, relatively fast, dollar menu

Cons: Don’t deliver, awkward waiting for food

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