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TV, Movies, Commercials Affecting College Trends?

March 1, 2011

I think it’s safe to say that college trends are always changing. At Kent State, it seems that Ugg Boots and North Face’s are the trends taking over our campus. Now here is my question. How do these trends start? Is it because we watch our favorite TV show and our favorite actor or actress is wearing a certain brand or product that makes us want to have it?

Directors do a good job of product placement. It’s not only directors but also advertisers but anyone who is trying to sell a product for business. How companies have to advertise their products is changing fast. Advertising is a dynamic market that has to keep up with changing trends. It’s amazing to see some of the creative ideas that brands have come up with to sell their products. I personally think beer commercials do the best job by using humor to engage its audiences. Bud Light does a good job of using a catchy slogan, “Here we go” to advertise its products. They say the slogan in the commercial creating a brand awareness with the commercial. Doritos also uses humor to sell its products with its commercials. The Superbowl is a time for companies to advertise their products and during last years Superbowl, Doritos definitely stole the show with their commercial. It features a little boy playing video games and after a man walks in to take his mother on a date he catches him looking at her inappropriately. The man then reaches for a Dorito and the kid loses it.

I will always remember this because as I was watching the commercial, I saw the kid slap the man in the face and I spit the water I was drinking all over the place. It was one of the funniest commercials I had ever seen. If I were to grade the commercial I would give it an A+.

If you really look closely at shows, you will notice that there is product placement all over the place. The Jersey Shore for example, uses it all of the time. Look closely at some of the labels they have on their clothes.  Product placement is used in movies as well. Here is my question. Does product placement really work? I know that it’s a great tool to use but here is my question to u guys. Do you actually notice if someone drinks a Coke product over Pepsi during a movie? I get so engaged in movies that I hardly pay attention to the brands.

Bringing me back to my first question, how do trends even start? Is it on a national level where  we see our favorite stars wearing a certain brand and we want to be like them. Or, is it on a local level where the popular kid in school starts wearing a certain brand and everyone wants to follow.

The Hangover” set a record for the most money paid for a single theatrical product placement, back in 2009. I can only imagine how many people went to Caesars Palace and if Caesar really lived there.

So I’m curious to find out what everyone thinks. Does product placement actually work or are advertisers just wasting their money. So here is the question if product placement works, which strategy works best. Is it in commercials, TV shows, movies or just through viral marketing, (Youtube videos, etc…)

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  1. Paige DeMattie permalink
    April 14, 2011 12:49 pm

    I think that product placement is one of the most subliminal messages that advertisers can use. Subliminal means under the radar, but if advertisers want people to notice the product then there really is no such thing as subliminal. However, while watching TV shows and movies, I always make it my personal goal to shout out all the product placement my brain acknowledges. My boyfriend always gets tired of this. But if you shout it out all the time, you are less likely to notice that you are actually being a little persuaded. I like to point out every time I see a Coke or Pepsi or things like that on TV and I’ve witnessed my boyfriend say “Let’s go get a Polar Pop, I want a Coke.” He was definitely affected by product placement. Same thing if one of your favorite TV shows always has a certain kind of beer or whatever they’re consuming, I believe that you are definitely more likely to try the product just because it’s familiar to you from TV. There doesn’t even have to be personal testimonials with advertising anymore. People let advertising take over their life and they will try new things based on commercials, even if it’s the most expensive product because they want to “try it.” After that, they may develop a brand loyalty if they think they like the product and continue to get it. I do think the Doritos commercial is hilarious. It didn’t make me want to get Doritos though. I see more product placement in TV shows and movies rather than commercials. I think that it’s actually the purpose of commercials to show off the product and make you want to try it, but as I said before, I believe product placement is the most subliminal message that will most likely push you to try something due to advertising.

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