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My name is Darian Thomas and I am a junior PR major at Kent State University. Growing up I was always involved in sports and I liked being outdoors. I played hockey my whole life and the sport has given me the competitive edge that I have today. I grew up always trying to meet new people. I was always the one who wanted be the most popular guy in school. I went to Elyria Catholic High School and graduated May 2007. I went to college thinking I was going to be a broadcast journalist but after I found out about PR, I decided PR is the route I want to take. I would like to find a job doing something with entertainment PR.Me with a lot of swagger I played hockey at Kent State for two years and then decided to take the coaching aspect of the sport. I currently work at the Kent State University Ice Arena as a hockey coach. I love playing the piano, telling  jokes, and doing stand-up comedy from time to time. I love meeting new people and keeping up with new trends so I thought, “Hey why not write a blog about trends in college.”

My freshman year was a lot for me to handle, and I feel as if I took a lot longer than others to transition from high school to college. I was trying to make new friends and ultimately trying to find myself.  I finally learned the tricks to college such as don’t buy everything you see with your meal plan because you eventually run out of money or don’t wait until the last minute to study for a test because even though it worked in high school, it’s not the same case in college. I want people to know that college can be a fun experience, and keeping up with the trends will really help a lot of students.

College trends are changing every week and I wanted to help people out by giving them a place where they can talk about those trends. Which trends are in, which ones aren’t. What trends will catch on, which ones will be a bust.

find me on twitter:!/DarianRThomas

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  1. Carrie Drummond permalink
    February 1, 2011 1:30 am

    “Iwent to college thinking I was going to be a broadcast journalist but after I found out about PR, I decided PR is the route I want to take.”

    I think what you meant to say was, “When I met Carrie Drummond and decided to be just like her, I changed my major to PR.”

    Kidding! Kind of…haha. Nice start to the blog! I’m excited to see more posts this semester.

    • Darian Thomas permalink*
      February 19, 2011 8:21 pm

      Carrie you had no influence on my decision to follow PR or not. I do want to thank you for some of the guidance that you have given me. I would like to take a little credit on transforming you into a hockey fan.

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