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More Men Needed In PR

February 14, 2011

Is there something that I’m missing here. The public relations field is filled with women. I don’t really understand why though. Is it because you have to dress up a lot and men don’t like throwing on a tie and nice pants? Or, is it because PR is a lot of writing and men don’t like to write?

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I personally like to dress up from time to time. I went to a catholic high school, so I had to dress up everyday. I personally liked it. A lot of my friends would complain all of the time and say ” I hate dressing up I think I look stupid.” It didn’t bother me at all. I tried to have fun with it. I would buy ties that fit my personality. I was always the goofy kid in school, so everyone always wondered what type of tie I was going to wear next. I wore cartoon ties, pink ties, pretty much any tie that would make me stick out. Now that I’m older not much has changed. I think I’ve perfected the sweater vest though. Anytime I dress up I try and wear a sweater vest with it. I just think it  fits my personality. Jim Tressel, the coach of Ohio State’s football team, has perfected the sweater vest, but I think I come in a close second place.

One of my favorite parts of PR is the networking aspect. I love to meet new people and keep up with social media. I think I have a problem with facebook. I have to check it at least five times a day. It’s funny because I feel like I have a natural instinct for facebook. For example, whenever I get on the internet and open up my browser I have to log on to facebook first before I do anything else.  I also have a Twitter account, still have NO IDEA how to use it but I have one and I’m learning.

The point I’m trying to emphasize is this, PR is great, well I guess that’s just my opinion but also from other people I’ve heard it’s great too. It’s not just a women major. More guys need to think about taking the PR route. There are so many different things you can do with PR. You can work in sports, entertainment, non-profit and the list goes on. I just think a lot of guys see it as a writing intensive major and shy away from the fact that there are so many opportunities with this. Most guys would think that going to a classroom with 110 girls and only 10 guys is cool but it’s really not. PR needs more men, and I need wing men.

Benefits of PR:

  • Networking
  • Many job opportunities
  • Showcase writing talents
  • Showcase business swagger

According to, 70% of the PR workforce is women, but that number is starting to rise for men. PR is a trendy major. For the guys out there thinking about switching to PR, it would be a great idea. It gives you a great opportunity to develop your own brand and come up with your own type of swagger. I personally like to wear sweater vests but there are other opportunities to show case your own swagger as well. Develop your own brand, wear things people will remember you by. Sometimes I’ll wear suspenders just to be memorable to people.  It’s almost like when people dress up they feel as if they are obligated to just wear a shirt and tie and not try anything different. Well I encourage people to be different, especially college students. Wear something that will make you stand-out at your first interview. Something that compliments your personality.

P Diddy Swagger

Image compliments of Google

P Diddy pulls the business casual look off perfectly. He flaunts it like there is no tomorrow and you can tell he is confident. That’s how you have to be nowadays; confident. I’m confident with everything that I wear, whether it be a pink button up with a pink tie or an all black pin-striped suit.  I try to make everything I wear look good.

So now remember gentlemen and also some ladies, just because PR is a writing intensive and hardworking major, doesn’t mean you can’t display your own  swagger.

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  1. February 15, 2011 8:21 am

    Seventy percent of PR people are women, is an interesting fact that I was unfamiliar with. My PR classes are mostly enrolled with female students. I wonder why this is? Like you, I find myself on Facebook at least five times a day. I love the Internet and I feel like it’s the gateway to people outside of my surroundings. I like how you dress to impress or grab attention. I think that is a good way for you to stand out as an individual. If I saw someone a guy wearing suspenders to an interview, I know I wouldn’t forget about him. Good strategy!

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